Massage Gun

Upgraded 20 Adjustable Speeds Handheld Vibration Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Device – with 6 Massage Heads and Portable Bag for Deep Muscle Tissue Massage


  • Professional Quality Massager: The Percussion Massage Gun is a high-quality massage gun; it has a heavy-duty construction that ensures its durability and minimum wear and tear. The massager is designed according to the professional requirements and needs.
  • 6-hour long Battery Life: the high-quality Percussion massager has 2500mA battery, it allows you to use the massager for more than 6 long hours, so you can easily carry your massager and use it without any break.
  • Versatile Massager: the percussion massage gun gives you so much versatility, it comes with 6 different head attachments that you can attach according to your choice and relaxation.
  • Full Body Deep Tissue Massager: Massager gun is a professional deep massager gun, it gives a deep tissue massage that is both soothing and pain-relieving.
  • Quiet and Comfortable: the massage gun is so effective with a minimal and bearable vibrating sound, it is a powerful percussion device that gives you the easily targeted massage with adjustable vibrating speed.

Product Description:

If you’re an athlete you constantly have to deal with chronic pain, muscle soreness and if you are an avid workout buff or has an extreme physical routine you must have experienced fatigue and muscle tiredness? Don’t worry we have the right solution for you!

The Percussion Massage Gun is here, it is a handheld Electric Massage Gun with high quality and effective motor. It is an amazing device that gives you deep tissue massage, Rapid recovery from muscle fatigue on back, spine, calves, legs or even shoulders.

An incredibly effective Device
It’s a massage device, that is powerful and easy to use, you don’t need a trainer or professional help when you have this professional massage gun. It is a wireless device that puts an effective amount of vibrations that apply pressure on your muscle, increases the blood circulation and you would feel muscle relaxing and soothing gradually.

Set the Speed of your choice
The massaging Gun allows you to set the vibration speed with 20 different gear, from 1800(low)- 3200(high)/minute, you can set the frequency according to your requirement on the digital screen.

Suitable for Everyone
The deep muscle treatment massage gun is efficient and delivers the best results and is effective from professional massagers, gym trainers, fitness enthusiasts, sportsman, athletes or if you are dealing with any muscle weakness or even if you have stress or anxiety the massage gun can prove to be really effective to release the unwanted pain and tension, It’s a compact massage gun that is great for traveling and carrying it with anywhere with you.

Massage Gun, Upgraded 20 Adjustable Speeds Handheld Vibration Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Device
Massage Gun
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