Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm


  • 【Superior Accuracy】:The blood pressure monitor upper arm has advanced measurement techniques to give you the most accurate reading, which is essential to manage high blood pressure.
  • 【EASY TO USE】:Wrap the cuff around your upper arm, assume proper sitting position, press the power button, and will get systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse with one-button operation. Fits most STANDARD arm sizes 22~32cm / 8.7”~12.6”.
  • 【LARGE DISPLAY】:The large, oversized numbers make reading the results from this upper arm blood pressure monitoring device a breeze which is perfect for elders and seniors to use.
  • 【MEASUREMENT MEMORY】 – You can stores recent total 90 measurements, track your health include blood pressure, pulse rate with increased memory storage, the measurement format are date and time.
  • 【YOU WILL GET】:Fanry Blood Pressure Monitor * 1.Furthermore,we care deeply about our customers and are always available if you have any questions or concerns.
Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm
Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm
Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm


AUTOMATICALLY INFLATE,FAST READING – Less than 1 minute response.

IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT INDICATOR – If an irregular heartbeat is detected the irregular heartbeat symbol will show up.

LARGE LCD DISPLAY – Easy to read large display.

MEMORY FUNCTION – Memory storage with date and time stamp allows you to review the last 90 readings with a touch of a button. WIDE RANGE CUFF- Fit for most standard cuff 8.6”-12.6”/ 22`32cm ( Please be care of the size to make sure it fits you)

Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm


1. Sit up straight, avoid compressing the abdomen.

2. Prop your elbow on a table to help keep it still.

3. Position your BP monitor so it is at the same level as your heart.

4. Avoid unnecessary movements while testing your BP – this includes talking!

Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm


1. Take a measurement after defecation and urination.

2. It is best to rest for at least 5-10 minutes before starting the measurement, and measure in relaxed condition.

3. Avoid taking a measurement during stressful times. Take the measurement in a quiet place.

4. Avoid eating, drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages, smoking, exercising or bathing before measuring for 30 minutes. 5. Confirm measuring at the same general times each day, the same arm, the same position, the same machine to take readings.

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